Stratus is brokering a nearly new Rolls-Royce M250-B17F2 turboprop engine. It is 5 hrs TSN (I'm currently pulling records to determine if this is merely factory test cell time or if this was run by the first owner). But it is 18 years since being factory new and 10 years since being resold by Rolls-Royce to the current owner; 2008 to present it has been in a state-of-the-art hangar either in its factory crate (just a few years) or mounted with new equipment on an experimental airframe that the owner never completed to flying condition (most of that time). The entire largely overhauled experimental aircraft (with or without engine), a design that was successfully flown tens of thousands of hours by governmental entities, is available for sale also and more information on it can be provided.

Example pages from the available complete build specs and example photographs of the current mounted condition are provided below. 

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