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Stratus' extreme-performance law enforcement aircraft

Straelea™ is our design of a light-utility aircraft that has an unparalleled combination of extreme STOL, ultra-high climb performance, extreme controlled slow-flight capability, ruggedness, fuel efficiency, cruise speed, endurance and range, quiet operation, and useful load. 

Law enforcement along the US-Mexico border have used our aircraft for several thousand hours now and have raved.




Sgt. Rick Pearson of the Pima County Sheriff's Department is cited as saying it is "the perfect aircraft" as far as he was concerned.

Police pilot blog host asks "Looking for an outstanding patrol aircraft without the operating cost of a helicopter?" and answers "look no further" than our Straelea™. 

Stratus is currently negotiating a sizeable governmental order of the Straelea™.

Contact if Straelea™ might be the solution to your challenge.


Selected specifications:

Useful load: 2,150 lbs

Cruise speed: 195 mph (8,000 ft asl)

Fuel consumption (cruise): 21 gph

Range: 1,100 sm

Climb rate (lightly loaded/gross): 2,500/2,050 ft/min

Take-off roll (lightly loaded/gross): 90/140 ft

Landing roll (lightly loaded/gross): 80/110 ft

Stall speed (power on): 29 mph

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